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Recliner Corner Sofas

Recliner Corner Sofas

The Sofa Shop is unmatched in providing stylish, modern furniture at affordable prices. This is particularly true for our recliner corner sofas. In addition to looking great, some also include cutting-edge technological features that aren't easy to find from other sellers. 

Corner sofas bring a touch of panache and sophistication to any living space. They also offer plenty of seating for the larger family.

A corner couch may help you maximise your space and accommodate many guests, even if your living room is smaller.

We challenge you to find lower prices anywhere.

When you see one of our recliner corner sofas, you'll know they are built by hand using high-quality materials. 

We are a "disruptor" in the market for upholstered furniture because we have a new way of designing sofas and a wide range of high-quality sofas to choose from.

Our sofas are sure to spark a conversation in any living room. Power recline, LED lights in the footwell, and similar high-tech additions are why. Sometimes it's because the sofa is so good-looking that it elevates the room's style level.

Picture yourself relaxing in the lap of luxury at the end of each day.

Welcome to big savings with our recliner corner sofas!   

Many stylish couches in various contemporary designs and colours are often on sale. This clearing area has sofas made from various materials and hues, such as velvet, grey fabric, and black leather.

With today's technology, you can spend your evenings unwinding like never before. 

We've rolled back prices and offer 0% APR financing.

To put it bluntly, you have won the lottery with these sofas. Our recliner corner sofas are all crafted by hand, and the high-quality fabric we use to cover them is wrinkle. It's soft, won't get dirty easily, and is robust enough for children and pets.

Our corner recliners are crafted with the same attention to detail and cutting-edge techniques as the rest of our furniture. Our skilled manufacturers use only the highest quality components and time-tested manufacturing methods to ensure that our products last for years and always function as intended.

About Us and Why Buy from Our Recliner Corner Sofas

The best way to be ready for a hectic day, in our experience, is to unwind at home each night. We've spent years studying the connection between comfortable sofas and how well people perform in their jobs. Our high-quality seating allows clients to kick back and focus on relaxing so they can get things done.

We started out with a mission to design a comfortable sofa, which was a great success. Our courteous and upbeat delivery staff sent couches to our customers' front doors. Customers have been delighted and are now contributing to our design process.

We've come up with a brand-new, innovative design for recliner corner sofas based on what our customers have told us. You can find examples of these in our collection of corner sofas.

We take pride in our dedication to each and every one of our customers.

Recliner Corner Sofas on Sale 

Our store has everything you might want, from a recliner corner sofa to a black leather corner sofa, and everything at a price you can afford. To be sure, that's not all we have to provide. 

If you're in the market for a new couch, you can depend on us to give the best service possible. Any other UK retailers cannot match our variety and low pricing.  

The Sofa Shop is well-known for its affordable but high-quality reclining corner sofas. Because we work closely with the company that makes the couches, we can offer you big discounts and even let you have a say in how they are made.

Each new customer is always delighted with their purchase. The clients' ecstatic squeals of joy upon receiving their newly purchased upholstered recliner corner sofas never get old to hear. 

Check out some of the thousand-plus positive reviews we've received on TrustPilot to see how we've done.

Here's your chance to get that perfect fabric couch!

About our Corner Recliner Sofas for Sale 

At home, nothing beats relaxing on a plush, reclining fabric sofa. Imagine you and your best friend are settling in to watch the latest episode of your favourite Netflix show or the big game on one of these corner recliner sofas in front of the big screen.

The most desirable place to rest is on one of our modern couches. Modern sofas often have built-in lighting, USB ports, and drink holders. They can also be made to recline automatically.

Check out the numerous features that you can choose from on our sofas. 

Reclining sofas aren't only for those with a home cinema. Your options for placing these go further than the living room too – how about putting it in the study, the conservatory or even the family room? 

Corner recliner sofas options 

You can choose from the following:

  • Faux leather finish
  • Fabric finish
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Under-seat lighting
  • Cup holders
  • Remote control
  • USB port chargers
  • Wireless charging
  • Removable tray table
  • Reclining function
  • Storage in the arms
  • Reading light
  • Drop-down consoles

Any shop that sells upholstered furniture can't compare to the variety and quality that we provide. The UK has the largest selection of manual and electric recliner corner sofas.

Guaranteed Lowest Online Price - we will meet or beat any competitor's advertised price!

Recliner Corner Sofas - Price and Product Guarantees

We promise never to mislead customers regarding our prices or the quality of our products.

We guarantee you will not find a more technologically sophisticated recliner corner sofa anywhere else for less money. We will gladly refund the difference (plus £50) if you do. 

Everyone who walks through our doors at The Sofa Shop is treated with the utmost respect. You'll find all kinds of sofas to try out, and we recommend you visit us in Dewsbury. 

This promise covers all of our sofas, not just the recliner corner sofas.

There is a 12-month warranty in case of any construction defects, so that you can buy with peace of mind. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

The pricing includes a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Recliner Corner Sofa -  Assembly Service 

It's not hard to put together your couch. But if you prefer us to do it, it starts from only £29.99, and we'll take care of the rest. 

The sofa's frame is what makes a recliner corner sofa so comfy. That factor also significantly affects how long it will last. Conventional sofas are often constructed solely of wood and glue, but with ours, we typically add some metal to give that added sturdiness. 

Recliner Corner Sofa Delivery Service

If you're within 250 miles of our warehouse, we can deliver your reclining 5-seater sofa fast within 3-5 days. We also offer a next-day delivery service to residences in Yorkshire for £150.

Taking the width measurement of your entryway is essential before purchasing a sofa. For your convenience, we've provided the measurement on each product page.

Next Day Delivery Options Available.

Check out our showroom for corner recliner sofas.

Visit us in Dewsbury to try out our sofas. We stock far more than just our reclining corner sofas; we have all our products. You may even see something else you like more.

Our corner recliner sofa availability

We have tried to foresee and stock for every occasion. However, when a new model is introduced, there can sometimes be a delay. This is to ensure that we make enough to cater to demand. 

Save £25 on your first order!

It's now time to order from our recliner corner sofas

Our corner recliner sofa collection features stylish options, including recliner corner sofas. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We love helping our customers get the perfect sofa and payment plan to suit their needs and family. 

Purchase in our recliner corner sofas on sale collection now. Check out our 0% interest free payment plans from DivideBuy. Get a £25 discount on your first order or a 5% discount on orders over £1500.