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2+2 Recliner Sofa Set

2 + 2 recliner sofa Sets

The Sofa Shop is the UK's leading online retailer of 2+2 recliner sofa sets.

We have an extensive selection of stylish 2+2 sofa sets and many other seating arrangements. These are sure to win the admiration of your guests and neighbours. Most offer innovative, fascinating features you've probably never seen before.

We have what you're searching for, whether a genuine leather two-seater couch set or a faux leather one. But most of our sofa products in this size range are finished in Aire Leather, an artificial leather. This synthetic leather mimics the feel and appearance of genuine leather while being breathable and straightforward to maintain.

Let's discuss the amenities available on these beautiful 2-piece sofa sets.

It's simple to charge your phone or headphones in most of our two-seaters since they have USB ports. On some sofas, there is electric reclining and on others, it's manual reclining. It's your choice as to your personal preference and your budget. However, we do offer a range of payment plans on DivideBuy.

We can get your 2 piece sofa set for you in as soon as five to ten days for free if you live within 250 miles of us in Yorkshire. The Sofa Shop guarantees to match or better the pricing of any other retailer selling these models. 

In our vast selection, you will find many options for two-piece couch sets, some of which come with convenient extras like drink holders. Look around; you never know what you could discover.

Reduce your exposure to inflation and rest easy at a reasonable price.

We have many 2+2 recliner sofa set – probably far more than any other online retailer in the UK. We've got the label of "disruptors" because of the ground-breaking nature of the couches we've designed.

Meet your perfect 2 + 2 recliner sofa set! 

At our store, you can find a wide variety of contemporary and elegant 2+2 recliner sofa sets, perfect for your living room or media room. These are fascinating models and 'fresh off the press'.

These luxuries will wow your guests and family and make staying at home a pleasure. You will also get a lot of excitement from your visitors when they see these. 

Financing with no interest is available.

All the leather 2+2 recliner couch sets we sell are made by hand by experienced sofa artisans using only the finest materials. 

Our Story and Why You Should Purchase 2 + 2 Recliner Sofa Sets from Us

Like the rest of us, you probably find that unwinding at home in the evening makes you feel ready to take on the next day. Years of study show that people who relax on high-quality sofas significantly improve prosocial behaviours, including empathy, mental clarity, and cooperation.

In the beginning, we went all out to introduce a new sofa that was seriously comfortable.  

After that, we ensured that our customers had everything they needed to make the most of their time relaxing on their new 2+2 reclining suite before packing it up for them and sending it on its way. They were delighted with our work.

By taking a fresh approach to 2 piece couch design and customer care, the team at the Sofa Shop has set a new standard for the industry as a whole. We have designed some brand new, state-of-the-art seating options for your living room or home theatre in response to your suggestions.

In the same way we're enthusiastic about the quality of our goods, we love giving quality service to our customers.

We set out to transform the market by raising standards for couch makers and retailers. The Sofa Shop's goods and services were instrumental in achieving this result. We want your experience buying a 2+2 leather recliner couch set to be as satisfying as possible on all fronts.

We'll happily meet or beat it if you discover a lower price somewhere for an identical three-recliner sofa set. We have such close relationships with the factory that we can have input on the design of the 2-piece couches while also receiving a discount on them.

When customers try out one of our 2 piece reclining couch sets, they immediately light up with joy. Customers who purchase any of our sofa packages can't wait to get their hands on it and rip open the package. 

The TrustPilot ratings we've received reflect how happy people are with our products and our service. 

Fast delivery on everything.

About Two Piece Sofa Sets 

The leather two-seater couch sets offered here come in various colours, and many boast advanced technological features.

The options for extras on your 2 2 seater sofa set are outlined below.

Our two-piece couch sets are perfect for lounging on while watching TV or playing video games with friends and family. You may put them to use as extra sitting in any area of your house or apartment, whether the kitchen or the study. The leather 2 piece sofa sets offered here are in various colours, and many boast advanced technological features.

2 + 2 recliner sofa set options 

You can choose from the following:

  • 2 x 2 seater leather sofas in grey or black
  • Cupholders
  • USB charges
  • Reclining function
  • Drop down consoles

Our wide selection of 2+2 reclining sofas includes some of the most innovative and cutting-edge models available today.

Next Day Delivery Options Available

Assurances on both Cost and Quality

We stand behind our products and services by offering price and quality assurance.

We promise to refund the difference in price (plus £50) if you discover the same settee sets at a lower total price elsewhere. The Sofa Shop is committed to ensuring you are happy with your purchase. We guarantee not just our 2 piece sofa sets in leather but also our numerous other seating alternatives.

Benefit from our no-hassle 12-month guarantee on our craftsmanship. Wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.

Moreover, if there is a defect in the first year, you may return it within 30 days.

Service for Assembling 2+2 recliner sofa sets 

We can assist with assembling your 2 piece leather sofa set in the UK if you need it. Our prices begin at only £29.99. 

Services for Delivering 2 Piece Leather Reclining Sofa Set

We'll ship your order lightning-fast anywhere across the UK in 5 to 10 days! We'll gladly ship it to you in Yorkshire the following business day for only £150 if you live there. Make sure the couch will fit through the doorway before making an order.

Our comprehensive service is unparalleled, and we know what we do is high quality. For only £99, we'll deliver the sofa set, set it up for you and take away the packaging. 

All payments for orders that are cancelled will be repaid.

Visit our showroom to look at our 2+2 sofa set

Our 5,000-square-foot showroom in Dewsbury is complete with 2 x 2 seater leather sofas for your convenience. You may also ask our team questions about sofas through video chat, saving you the trouble of travelling to Yorkshire. Pick between our 2 piece leather sofa sets or other seating options – there are so many – you're bound to find something that you love. 

How many of our 2+2 sofa sets do we have in stock

We try to have all choices in stock, but when a new model is released, we sometimes have to postpone shipments to get enough in to fulfil demand.

Biggest Range of Reclining 2+2 recliner sofa sets in the UK!

It's time to order

You'll find all you need to know about purchasing one of our 2 piece leather reclining sofa sets on this page. Feel free to ask more questions regarding our 2 + 2 recliner sofa set or payment choices. We're here to help and happy to do so. 

Once you've received your order, we'd love you to send us some pics of you enjoying your sofa for us to post on Instagram. 

Order your 2+2 recliner sofa set now. We deliver fast and offer great payment plans through DivideBuy & Paypal.