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Recliner Chair Riser

Are you looking for an extra lift when rising from an armchair? A recliner chair riser is what you need. 

Our collections of recliner chair riser are expertly designed to function only with the touch of a button. 

These leather and fabric recliner chairs riser recline into a comfortable pose to support your spine and legs. However, when you are ready to stand, the chair will gently raise to help you stand on your feet with no effort, which makes it a perfect solution for pregnant women, older people or just those who suffer from backache and struggle to get off their seats.

This recliner riser chair collection combine style and modern design with an adjustable chair's advantages. 

These electric riser recliners are designed to complement your living room's decor, support your body and allow you to relax better whether you are sitting or standing.

The Sofa Shop's rise and recliner chairs are finished in attractive aire leather or deluxe soft fabric. With a functional side pocket to keep the controller - and your TV remote!

Our rise and recline chairs are available in a range of models and options of neutral colours and shades. They will harmonise effortlessly with all interior décors. You'll be blown away by how well-made these chairs are and how valuable the quality you are getting is in return for your money.

Here's what's included within each order of our rise and recline chairs:

  • We'll ship your order lightning-fast anywhere across the UK in 5 to 10 days!
  • A professional two-person sofa technician crew provides an assembly service for only £69.
  • All packaging is removed for free.
  • A free 12-month warranty.
  • Free cancellation and refunds within 14 days 
  • 0% interest-free payment plans over 3 to 12 months.

What do our clients love most about our recliner chair riser?

You mean what there is not to love about this collection? The level of comfort that these rise and recline chairs deliver is what keeps our clients coming back to us.  

We only fabricate and sell high-quality rise and recline chairs at very reasonable prices.

Now is the time to order your recliner chair riser

All you have to do is look through our collection of rise and recline chairs, pick your favourite item and add it to your cart.

Afterwards, choose from various payment plans, delivery options, and assembly alternatives; we can even arrange to have your old sofa or chair disposed of by us.