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3+1 Recliner Sofa Set

3+1 Recliner sofa set

We'd like to express a warm greeting from the Sofa Shop, where you'll find one of the greatest selections of stunning 3 seater and armchair sets.

You will find the ideal set for your house in our 3+1 recliner sofa set selection. Some of these models are conventional forms, while others feature reclining options, but they all have sleek and elegant designs!

The Sofa Shop guarantees that the prices of our sofas are the same or lower than those of our competitors. We also provide fast delivery of our 3+1 reclining sofas within 5 to 10 days.

Browse our extensive inventory to find out more about our many types of sofas, such as reclining sofas, cinema sofas, electric sofas, and much more...

Meet your Perfect match in our sofa and armchair set collection!  

We have a large selection of modern and stylish 3+1 seater sofas that are ideal for use in living rooms and media rooms. Some have more traditional looks, while others have the most updated technology.

Many of our contemporary chairs have features such as built-in Bluetooth speakers, motorised reclining, and massage, reading lamps, under-seat LED illumination, and USB chargers. If you don't find what you're looking for on this page, you may go through our other sofa collections.

After you buy, you will have such handy, contemporary conveniences and amenities that you will be able to rest and enjoy each night to the utmost.

Contemporary two-piece sofa sets are available in a variety of materials and textures, ranging from dark grey fabric to leatheraire sofas.

Our 3+1 seater sofas are handcrafted by artists with years of expertise using the best quality materials. It also provides optimum comfort and has a long lifespan.

 Trust experience, Trust the Sofa Shop!

Our Background and Why You Should Buy a recliner sofa and chair set from us!

Most of us have realised that recharging our batteries with a bit of relaxation and perhaps a late night Netflix session has prepared us for the day ahead. We believe that people who relax on quality sofas can make a more outstanding personal and professional contribution to society.

Then we designed quality sofas with all of the features that make lounging enjoyable and mailed it to our customers.

Then came the Sofa Shop, which changed the way people bought sofas for good. We've listened to your suggestions and created a host of comfortable new furniture for your living rooms and other spaces.

We are committed to providing you with sofa and matching chair sets of the highest calibre!

We aimed to improve sofa sales customer service and quality. The Sofa Shop's wide range of items and our customer-first attitude helped us achieve our goal. Your new sofa and chair set is built to last!

Rest assured that The Sofa Shop guarantees the lowest pricing on a 3 seater sofa and chair. Thanks to our work commitment, the manufacturer gave us a big discount.

Nothing compares the smile of our happy customers when they pick one of our leather sofa and chair, knowing that they can't wait to open them and relax!

Also, TrustPilot gives us 4.8 stars!

Find out more about our 2 piece sofa set!

If you're contemplating acquiring one of these amazing 3+1 seater sofa sets, you've reached the pinnacle of luxury. Their elegance and their comfort make them the perfect option for your family gatherings or your TV sessions.

Take advantage of the luxuries featured in our recliner sofa and chair. We've listed all of your choices below so you can discover the huge variety of high-end extras that may come with the one you choose.

Discover our leather sofa and chair options!

You have the option of selecting sofa sets 3 +1 that are classic and do not include any extras; nevertheless, with some of them, you may discover the following:

  • Comfy material finish 
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Cup holders
  • Remote control
  • USB charges
  • Massage function
  • Under-seat lighting
  • Removable tray table
  • Reclining function
  • Storage in the arms
  • Reading light
  • Drop down consoles

Our extensive selection of sofa and matching chair sets includes some of the most gorgeous and fascinating pieces in the marketplace, in addition to being among the most comfortable.

Assurances on both Cost and Quality concerning your new leather sofa and chair set!

We promise that you will not find a more reasonable alternative for a comparable 2piece sofa set anywhere else, and if you do, we will refund the price difference plus fifty pounds. Customers of The Sofa Shop may be certain that they will always get attentive service adapted to their specific requirements and preferences. The offer applies to all of our sets!

During the one-year warranty period, the malfunctioning goods will be replaced free of charge. But please note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

Furthermore, the 3+1 Sofa Sets are returnable during the first 30 days and are covered by a year's warranty.

Assembling the sofa and chair set service

Keep in mind that each sofa's construction is mostly responsible for its degree of comfort. These 3+1 recliner sofas are unique in that their frames are composed of wood or metal rather than glue and wood.

Although 3+1 sets are simple to put together, we can help you for as low as £29.99.

Services for Delivering recliner sofa and chair sets

Delivery to any mainland UK address and takes 5 to 10 days. If you reside in Yorkshire, we will deliver this to you the following business day for just £150. Before submitting an order, measure the width of your doorway to ensure the sofa will fit.

Trustpilot and Google both rate us 4.8 out of 5 stars, the highest attainable.

Except for the next-day delivery service to Yorkshire residents, the shipping cost to you is on us. We provide a comprehensive answer to all of your problems. For just £99, you can order a sofa online, have it delivered and set up in your home, and have the packing disposed of. Also, you may cancel your purchase up to 48 hours before it ships.

Visit our showroom to discover our leather sofa and chair set

You may try any of our 3+1 sofas in our 5000 square foot Dewsbury showroom. Even if you are unable to visit our store in Yorkshire, you can still talk with a staff member through video chat to discover more about our reclining sofas. We have couch sets in sizes ranging from two to three seats, including a recliner sofa set for three, a love seat and an electric recliner sofa set with USB connections for your gadgets.

We provide a full answer to all of your problems. Order a sofa online, have it delivered and set up in your home, and have the packing disposed of for just £99.

You may cancel your purchase up to 48 hours before it is dispatched.

Order now your new 3 seater sofa and chair set & save big!

Your next step is buying a 3+1 recliner sofa set. Pricing and delivery options for sofas are available upon request. Don't hesitate to ask for support; we're always happy to help.

Also, please feel free to send us any images you've taken with your new reclining sofa set so we may publish them on Instagram.

At the Sofa Shop, we offer no-interest financing for 8 months on our 3+1 recliner sofa sets. Get a £25 discount on your first purchase right now!