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UK Fire Regulations - UKFR - For Sofa Shop


UKFR – The UK Fire Resistant System

Whenever you see the term UKFR referenced anywhere with regards to sofas, it's referring to the UK Fire Resistant or United Kingdom Fire Resistant.

What is the UK Fire Resistant System?

The UK Fire Resistant system is based on BS 5852.2006, which is a British Standard

regulation for safety. The UKFR is designed to provide a structure to carefully assess how

different materials, fillings and upholstery may behave in the case of a fire. How ignitable would any sofa be? The tests in operation typically test what might happen if a smouldering cigarette or other ignition source was on the couch or.

Why is the UKFR or UK Fire Resistant System in place?

The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that all materials, components and composites

that are used in all furniture that is available in the UK meet specified flame resistance levels. The regulations were introduced in 1988 and amended in 1989 and 1993.

What else is there to know about the fire resistant system regulations?

The regulations are divided into six primary elements which are:

  1. Fillings materials must meet the ignition requirements
  2. The composites of upholstery must be cigarette resistant
  3. Covers must be match resistant (with certain exceptions)
  4. A permanent label must be fitted to every item of furniture
  5. A display label must be fitted to every item at the point of sale (apart from pillows, loose covers and stretch covers that are sold separately)
  6. The first supplier of upholstered furniture must maintain records for five years to prove compliance.

Who does the UKFR apply to?

Anybody who has accommodation including those who operate a business such as furnished

residential lettings (flats, houses and bedsits) or holiday homes have to comply with these

regulations. If a property is rented out, and under the management of a letting agency, the

responsibility of ensuring the correct furniture is being used will be taken on by the company.

In addition, the first supplier is the person who either manufactures, imports or retails the furniture.

It is not legally acceptable to plead ignorance of the requirements.

How we meet the UKFR regulations at The Sofa Shop

For your peace of mind, please note that The Sofa Shop ensures that only

products that meet these fire safety requirements are sourced and sold. All labels are also in

place to provide you with the information that you may need as a homeowner, landlord or holiday let provider.

If you have any questions regarding United Kingdom Fire Regulations (UKFR) or how The Sofa Shop ensure that these regulations are complied with, please get in touch with us form more information.

The Sofa Shop is committed to exemplary customer service and is here to help in any way we can when it comes to your selection of the right sofa for your property.

Whether you're a landlord, holiday homeowner or you're selecting a sofa for use in your own home; we are here for you.