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In this holiday & sales season, we have delays in our response times. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please email us and we will revert to you within 48 hours.
In this holiday & sales season, we have delays in our response times. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please email us and we will revert to you within 48 hours.

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U Shape Sofas

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U Shape Sofas

Here at the Sofa Shop, we pride ourselves on being the premier sofa emporium in the United Kingdom. Most of our couches come with spacious, plush cushions ideal for lounging. Our U shape sofas collection includes a range of dark grey couches, fabric sofas, modular sofas and U shaped module sofas with either a fabric finish or a leatheraire.

Fast delivery within 5 to 10 days across the mainland UK.

One of our beautiful 5 seater U shape sofas is sure to be a show stopper when you have visitors. Time spent at home will be so much more enjoyable with one of these. Not only do they elevate the look of any room, but they bring superior comfort and sophistication. 

Our reputation as an industry leader in innovation and luxury has helped us become the go-to spot for sofas. You're about to have an adventure that will blow beyond everything you've seen in furniture stores.

Feel the rush of revitalising your home so you can spend quality time with loved ones. You'll be treated to some of the finest sofa-buying experiences ever. 

Check out our other sofa collections if you're looking for something more cutting-edge or if you're a movie buff and want something that offers more than just a seat.

Some have termed us "disruptors of the sofa world" because we provide such a wide variety of stunning and, in some instances, innovative dark grey U-shaped sofas.  

Meet your ideal U-shape sofa! 

A broad selection of U-shape sofas is available, including modern, stylish 5 seat reclining couches in many different forms and materials.

Each of these couches is made to order so you can relax in style every evening.

Best prices and best choices with 0% APR financing.

Why Should You Buy Shape Sofas from Us

As a family, we feel that the time you spend at home provides you with the energy and inspiration to do so much. We feel like we're making a difference after spending years studying how couches can make your life better so you can relax and be a more thoughtful, intelligent, hospitable, and patient member of society.

In the beginning, we made the most insanely comfy sofa in the world. 

Customers flocked to us once we released our first sofa, and now we're widely regarded as the industry leaders in couch quality and service. Our primary goal in developing any and every customer care policy is to ensure your satisfaction.

Our company has been designing and manufacturing so much more. These U shaped sofas come in the following:

u shaped sofa

dark grey sofa

u shaped fabric sofa

dark grey couch

fabric sofa 

Customer service is something we care about just as much as our products!

The fundamental objective of our firm is to change your expectations of what a sofa shop should provide.

We offer what we believe to be the lowest prices available for upholstered dark grey U shaped sofas. Because of our tight ties with the factory, we can provide feedback on the design and functionality of the 5 seater dark grey U shaped sofas we offer and negotiate the best pricing for our customers. Our collection of dark grey U shaped sofas includes u shaped sofas, dark grey sofas

u shaped sofas, dark grey sofas, u shaped fabric sofas, grey sofas and modular sofas. 

Our customers are always delighted to get one of our dark grey U shaped sofas. The surprise and delight on their faces as they uncover their fresh new sofa is a sight we never get accustomed to witnessing.

Visit TrustPilot to read over a thousand of the numerous 5-star reviews we've received.

Purchase the corner sofa of your dreams!

About U Shape Sofas 

Nothing beats the joy our couches provide when it comes to customer satisfaction. In your mind's eye, you and your loved ones are gathered around a giant screen TV, enjoying the latest episode of your favourite show or the highly anticipated game. Relax on the plush five-seater dark grey U-shaped sofas after a long day and enjoy the memory-making with your favourite people.

Please note that some of these are offered in other colours and you can also ask for bespoke sizes. 

U Shape Sofas Options 

You can choose from the following:

  • U Shaped sofa
  • Modular sofa
  • Dark grey fabric sofa
  • Cosy and comfortable fabric finish
  • Stain resistant and wrinkle resistant
  • Some are available in a range of different colours and you can choose the size.

Next Day Delivery Options Available

Our Price and Product Guarantees

Our prices and products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we believe in them that much.

We guarantee the lowest prices and will refund the difference if you discover another retailer offering the same model for less. Plus we will give you £50. You can trust that the professionals at the Sofa Shop will help you make the right decision every time. Every product and chair we provide comes with this promise, not only our dark grey U-shaped sofas.

In addition, you'll have peace of mind knowing that a 12-month guarantee covers our items against manufacturing flaws. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear.

The return policy is 14 days, and the warranty lasts for a year.

U Shape Sofa Assembly Service

Setting up one of our dark grey U shaped sofas in your home won't take much time or effort. Starting from £29.99, you may have it taken care of by us.

The quality of their structure is the most crucial factor in the cosiness of these five-seater dark grey U-shaped sofas. More importantly, this feature is vital to its durability. They are made of wood and usually have metal frames, making them far more long-lasting than traditional sofas that rely only on glue and wood.

U Shape Sofa Delivery Service

We offer fast delivery anywhere in the UK mainland within the next 5 to 10 days. Otherwise, we can deliver to Yorkshire residents on a next-day basis for £150. 

Before placing an order, please measure the width of your entry to ensure the sofa will fit.

See Our U-Shape Sofas in our Showroom

Our Dewsbury showroom is 5,000 square feet and packed with plush sofas. You have nothing to lose by trying our sofas, including our dark grey U-shaped sofas. And you could be pleasantly surprised by what you find. If you want to buy a corner sofa but live too far away to visit our showroom in Yorkshire, don't worry; set up a video chat with our friendly employees, and they'll walk you through the options and the buying process.

Our U-shape Sofas Inventory

We are continually working hard to ensure we have stock, but there may be a delay in the delivery of new sofa designs.

We can offer next day delivery and sofa assembly and  services.

Time to Place Your Order

Please put this information to use and purchase one of our dark grey U-shaped sofas. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions about the sofas or the numerous payment options we provide. Please tell us how we can assist you.

Don't be bashful about expressing your adoration for the couch after you've had some time to enjoy it in your home. Feel free to submit any photos you think will look good on Instagram, and we will include them on our page.

Order your dark grey U-shaped sofas for fast delivery. Please choose one of our affordable payment plans to make it more convenient for your pocket. Check out the Klarna and DivideBuy interest-free offers.