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2 Seater Electric Recliner Sofas

2 Seater Electric Recliner Sofas

Greetings from the Sofa Shop – the home of the best 2 seater electric recliner sofas online. 

Discover comfort and style in this collection of gorgeous 2 seater power recliner sofas. 

Relax at a comfortable price without inflation. 

Learn more about our modern 2 Seater Electric Recliner Sofa selection and bring the cinema experience home. We've revolutionised how people watch movies at home with our power recliner seating. Join us for a fantastic adventure that you can't easily find elsewhere. 

 Because of how far we've taken things with our two-seater electric recliner sofas, we've been labelled "disruptors in the sofa business."

 Meet your ideal 2 seater power recliner sofa!  

 Watching a movie, playing a video game, or catching up on your favourite TV show is much more comfortable on one of our high-tech 2 seater power recliner sofas.

You may choose from a wide variety of seats, including sleek, contemporary electric recliners with lights and massage. These are equipped with all the latest desirable features, including built-in Bluetooth speakers and USB chargers, as well as under-seat lighting, power reclining, and massaging capabilities.

Get the most out of your nights in with state-of-the-art conveniences and cutting-edge technologies on a new two seater electric recliner couch.

Power recliner sofas with 0% APR financing.

Our high-tech 2 seater recliner sofa is handmade with upholstery of either genuine leather, faux leather or fabric. Breathable, low-maintenance, soft to the touch, and comfortable, cosy finishes in a variety of different colours. 

 Our electric recliner 2 seater sofa comes with a range of options. Either go with the traditional standard design or enjoy more advanced features such as centre consoles, storage, under-seat LED lighting, reading lights and more. These are durable enough to withstand regular usage with kids or dogs for a long time. 

About Us and Why Buy Advanced Technology 2 Seater Electric Recliner Sofas from Us

During your time at home, you can recharge your batteries, so you've got enough energy to get everything done. We make a difference by researching how two-seat power reclining sofas can help you be more thoughtful, empathetic, and patient with the people around you.

Our quest began when we built an absurdly comfy two-seater electric recliner sofa, complete with all the bells and whistles that make lounging on a couch more enjoyable. The result has exceeded our expectations, and our clients are thrilled. Regarding technology, we're confident that we've created something unique and unmatched by anybody else at this pricing.

We've raised the bar for two-seater electric recliners and have utilised customer input to create innovative new two seat power reclining sofas.  

Our consumers are as important to us as our products.

Our company gives you a new outlook on what a couch vendor should do. You, the customer, are at the centre of everything we make and do.

If you buy a power reclining loveseat or a power recliner 2 seater sofa from us, it should be the ideal family sofa for you and your family.

For instance, the high-quality two-seater electric recliner sofas we offer come with our lowest price guarantee. With our close ties to the manufacturer, we have input on the style and functioning of the power recliners and get substantial savings. 

Once our two seater electric recliner sofas are delivered to a client, they are overjoyed. The glee on their faces as they unwrap shiny new power reclining loveseats is one we never get accustomed to witnessing.

Purchase the home cinema sofa of your dreams!

About 2 seater power recliner sofas

One of life's greatest joys is watching a film while relaxing on the sofa. Envision spending time with your loved ones while enjoying the newest TV show or video game on a massive screen. Our electric reclining couches provide every convenience and luxury you could want from a place to relax.

To give you a sense of the luxury that comes with a two-seat power reclining sofa like any of these, we've provided a list of all the customisation options below. These electric 2-seater sofas, which come with many options and capabilities, may be placed anywhere in the house. It will look beautiful no matter where you put it. 

Two seater electric recliner couch options 

You can choose from the following:

  • Finished in faux leather
  • Storage available in the arms
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Massage function
  • Drink holders 
  • Operated by remote control
  • USB chargers
  • LED lighting below the seats
  • Removable tray tables
  • Power reclining function
  • Storage in the arms
  • Reading light
  • Drop down consoles

We provide some of the industry's most unique and advanced capabilities for two seater electric recliner sofa today.

Next Day Delivery Options Available

Two seater electric recliner couch - Our Price and Product Guarantees

Everything we provide, including our prices, is backed by a promise to maintain the highest standards of quality and value. We want everyone who buys a two-seater electric recliner from us to be completely satisfied with that purchase and to get the best value ticket prices in the UK.

We will pay you £50 in addition to the price difference if you find a retailer selling one of our high-tech reclining 2 seater sofa electric for less within the first 30 days after purchase. You won't ever have to worry about not getting a good deal when you shop at the Sofa Shop. This is valid for any power recliner 2 seater sofa or other items you purchase from our online sofa store.

In addition, we have a 12-month guarantee against faulty production. This warranty does not cover normal usage and wear & tear.

 You have 30 days to return it and 12 months to use the guarantee.

Power Recliner Loveseat Assembly Service

 Our two seater sofa electric recliner requires no complicated assembly. We're happy to take care of it for you for a nominal cost starting at £29.99. We provide excellent customer service.

 The structure of these two seat power reclining sofas plays the most crucial function in defining how comfy they are. In contrast to the glue and wood used in the construction of most couches, they might sometimes even include metal in their frames for added strength.

Two Seater Sofa Electric Recliner Delivery Service

If you live in Yorkshire, you can opt for next day delivery for £150. Those living outside of Yorkshire, your reclining 2 seater sofa electric will be delivered to you during the next 5 to 10 days. 

It's important to measure your door opening to ensure the 2 seater smart power recliner will fit through it. 

Prices on The Sofa Shop start from £349

Visit our massive sofa showroom to test out our 2 seater recliner sofas.

We have a 5,000-square-foot store in Dewsbury that is completely stocked with seating options. If you want to buy a two-seat power reclining sofa but cannot go to our showroom in Yorkshire, we have you covered. You don't even have to leave your home; just set up a video conference with our team, and they'll tell you all you need to know and show you everything you need to see.

Our Selection of 2 Seater Power Recliner Sofas  

As far as possible, we try always to have backup options available. However, if you purchase a brand-new two-seater electric recliner design, the delivery may be delayed as we get more of them produced to fit demand.

We can offer next day delivery and sofa assembly for you with one of our additional services.

It's time to order your new 2 seater electric smart cinema recliner sofa

Get in touch if you need to know anything else about these gorgeous 2-seater power recliner sofas now so that you can place your order.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional queries concerning the couches themselves or the payment options we provide. Just tell us how we can assist you. 

Remember to send your best Instagram-worthy shots after taking them.

Order your 2 seater electric recliner sofa now and get EXPERSS delivery within 5 to 10 days. 0% Finance Options Over 3-8 Months