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The Ultimate Guide to Leather Aire in Your Sofas

The Ultimate Guide to Leather Aire in Your Sofas

Looking to buy a leatheraire sofa set? here's everything you need to know to decide if it's for you. Read on to discover whether leatheraire gives a good return on investment, how long it will last and much more in this ultimate guide to leatheraire fabric.


It is confusing to shop for leather goods when so many kinds of leather are available. To overcome this, familiarise yourself with the many types of leather available – natural and faux leather - since your needs and preferences for leather goods will dictate which one is right for you.

Read this article & get all the answers you need about leatheraire sofas!

You'll get answers to the most frequently asked questions about leatheraire fabric on sofas. in this article, discover the following sections:

  • What leatheraire in sofas is? All you need to know about leatheraire!
  • How it compares to other synthetic sofa fabrics?
  • How to take care of your leatheraire sofa?
  • Dos and don'ts regarding your leatheraire sofa.

What is Air leather fabric on sofas? All you need to know about leatheraire!

all you need to know about air leather on recliner & cinema sofas


What is leatheraire fabric on sofas

Researchers and designers are still trying to produce synthetic fabrics such as cotton and leather that can duplicate a natural fibre's look and feel. The closest they have managed to get a decent replacement leather is a fabric known as leatheraire, which, to be fair, is an excellent attempt and has produced some impressive results.

Furniture makers acknowledge that leatheraire is one of the most exciting new fabrics in the leather sofa market. It's the outcome of a lot of research and experimentation in producing a synthetic material that can duplicate the look and feel of leather.

A cutting-edge material produced only in the past few years, it's a micro-perforated polyurethane fabric created to look and feel like genuine leather at a fraction of the cost. As faux leather, it's the best option so far and can endure a good amount of wear and tear before any deterioration – which is the same that you can expect from a natural leather product. It's much tougher than bonded leather, as shown below.

Leatheraire is also known by some as air leather and is typically used to cover sofas. This name has come about due to its micro-perforation, which makes it far more comfortable. It's a breathable material; therefore, you don't sweat when sitting on it. It's made of polyurethane, and although synthetic, you don't experience the same result as nylon or other synthetic materials deliver. It also has many other benefits, which we will explore now.  

Before we go any further, know that leatheraire is very similar to leather, and although it may not be quite as durable, it's preferred by many as it fits with the vegan ethos of not using animal products.

 Why is it called leatheraire?

One definition of leatheraire is a fabric that provides better ventilation than regular synthetic leather. Ventilation is the valid reason for punching so many tiny holes into the fabric.Any furniture covered in such material will be more comfortable to sit on. This faux leather doesn't have the sticky or cold vinyl feel of some others.

Leatheraire, in another sense, refers to a synthetic material designed to mimic real leather's appearance, feel, and function. It is said that once broken in, its pliancy and resilience rival those of real leather.

Then there are the claims that this fabric is completely bulletproof. This claim is unsubstantiated, although many customers of this material's furniture report it has held up well after three years. We cannot guarantee how long the leatheraire will last. As with anything, the lifespan depends on how you treat and use it.

What is Air Leather Made Of?

Air Leather is a faux leather made of polyurethane material. Using synthetic components has some benefits but does not make faux leather as sturdy as genuine leather. The latter material may show signs of wear and tear, rips and scratches, and stains earlier than real leather put to the same test.

Leatheraire is superior to genuine leather in several ways, including the fact that it is perforated. It has many microscopic-sized holes to help make it more breathable than real leather. Those perforations make the cloth more bearable throughout the warmer and cooler months.

How Good is Air leather?

Leatheraire is a fairly new material so there is not much consumer experience to judge. What people say in response to this question varies greatly. In light of what was just said, it should be no surprise that many individuals get great satisfaction using this material. Even though it is less expensive and synthetic, they have found it holds well to everyday use.

That is the major problem we will face. Synthetic materials aren't necessarily superior to their natural counterparts; genuine leather, which is resilient and long-lasting, and outlast many synthetic alternatives.

Is air Leather a real leather?

The short answer is no. Air leather is different from genuine leather. This artificial leather fabric is one of several that aim to achieve exactly that by reducing furniture prices and other building components.

What can I expect from Air leather for fabric durability and quality?

In all honesty, it will depend on your situation and how you use your sofa. Though leatheraire materials may not last as long as genuine leather, many customers are satisfied with their purchase.

People may have had negative experiences with leatheraire because they unknowingly purchased low-quality products. You must remember that you get what you pay for. Also, if you have young children or dogs, you should not have any hopes for the durability of your leather furniture. This fabric stays a lot longer in households without children or pets.

It would be best to look around before buying to ensure that your leatheraire is of the highest quality. The low-quality fabric will initially be noticeable in its pricing. Although faux leather (leatheraire) is less expensive than genuine leather, a suspiciously low price should have alerted you to potential problems with the quality.

Air leather fabric reviews

The evaluations of this fabric are varied, although most of the complaints concern accessories rather than the material itself. The reviews for this fabric may be skewed toward the good, but if you base your buying decision on them, the pros outweigh the cons. Your journey will be unique, and you could find yourself with a leatheraire sofa that gives you years of use.

Get your faux leather sofa at the best price! 

How it compares to other synthetic or genuine sofa fabrics?

Leatheraire compared to other synthetic fabrics on recliner & cinema sofas


What is the difference between bonded leather and Air leather?

What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather is made after production of a genuine leather product. It's made of leftover scraps and fibres being combined with a polyurethane binder. Once the fibres are glued together, the remnants are rolled onto a paper backing. It's possible to imitate the look and feel of genuine leather by applying a polyurethane covering and embossing it. However, only 10-20% of bonded leather is genuine leather. 

Bonded leather is cheaper than leatheraire, but you won't get the same results. Bonded leather is the cheapest leather available, and we all know you get what you pay for. It's just not as durable as leatheraire or leather.

Because bonded leather uses a paper backing, it's got the same weakness as paper. It can be easily damaged. Bonded leather's colour might fade in direct sunlight, limiting its lifetime.

Bonded leather will stand out as obviously artificial since it is thinner than other types of leather (both fake and genuine) and feels different. While real leather is unavailable in a wide range of hues and textures, bonded leather and PU leather come in many shades and textures.

Unlike fake leather, genuine leather won't break or peel over time. Patina forms on the natural surface of genuine leather instead of wear.  

PU leather is also faux leather and won't last as long as genuine leather, but it will outlast bonded leather. PU leather doesn't let air in or out and cracks and punctures quickly. In contrast to bonded leather, PU leather retains its colour and may withstand stains.

Some customers may be put off because real leather is not vegan. It's also noteworthy that genuine leather is more challenging and expensive to produce. While fewer natural resources are used to make bonded leather, the polymers used in its manufacture are not biodegradable and therefore are not environmentally beneficial.

What is the difference between genuine leather and Air leather?

Leatheraire was developed to improve upon the existing synthetic leather textiles available. Compared to leather, it is simple to clean and inexpensive to maintain.

Extensive animal raising has significant environmental implications, including deforestation, water and land misuse, and gas emissions, making manufacturing genuine leather a primary sustainability concern. In addition, cows are the primary source of leather, and the methane they create is 25 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. For these reasons, switching to leather aire, a real leather replacement made without animal products, is preferable. 

5 benefits of faux leather sofas!

  1. The material is perforated with tiny holes to increase breathability and make it comparable to real leather. As a result, you won't feel the cloth becoming sticky in the summer or chilly and hard in the winter, making it a very versatile and accommodating material.
  1. Unlike genuine leather, this material doesn't need to be treated with special cleaning products; a wet cloth or baby wipe will do just fine. This is a better value than real leather, which needs expensive upkeep and specific cleaners to look good.
  1. Produced without animal parts, this has a lower carbon footprint and is more readily available to individuals who prefer not to use natural leather skin. This is a good choice for the world as a vegan and eco-friendly alternative.
  1. As a manufactured product, leatheraire comes in an infinite colour palette, giving you more flexibility to choose the perfect couch for your home decor.
  1. Among the most long-lasting options, it won't flake over time and can withstand heavy wear and tear for years. Purchasing a leatheraire couch has both short- and long-term cost savings.

What is the difference between PVC and Air leather?

Leatheraire is a newer fabric and designed to mimic leather very closely. PVC, sometimes known as vinyl leather, is far more synthetic to look at. It's built of many layers and is fairly sturdy and long-lasting, but it's not breathable and is sticky to sit on.

PVC can resist more severe wear and weather conditions as it is made of synthetic materials and designed to be tough, but it doesn't look so nice or feel as nice as leatheraire. This type of material will have the back of your legs sweating if you wear shorts!

Air leather vs Leather 

If you're still confused about what leatheraire offers as a fabric compared to natural leather, here are some short comparisons to help.

 Leather  Leatheraire
Origin and how long has it been in use? Typically made of cowhide and used for more than 5000 years Man-made and invented within the last 20 years.
Fabric class Natural, with the usage of certain synthetic elements completely artificial, no natural ingredients at all
Durability Quite sturdy; it ought to endure for decades. Not as long-lasting as leather and may not last a decade
Breathability Not very good Breathes a lot better than genuine leather due to having micro-perforations.
Cleaning Complicated and expensive to get clean. Easy to clean and and not that costly. Can be cleaned with warm soapy water or a baby wipe.
Looks Available in a limited colour range but always looks good May have an unlimited colour range but may not look genuine up close.
Feel Sometimes rough, sometimes smooth but all-natural feel to it Should be all smooth but comes with an artificial feel to it
Price Leather, though, is a very costly material. Cheaper than leather without sacrificing quality.


Overall, leather is a versatile material used for various purposes, including footwear, handbags, clothing, and furniture. While it's true that leatheraire may be fashioned into many of the same items as genuine leather, its lack of durability means it's not quite as strong or durable as genuine leather. However, it's one step ahead in being better for the environment as a whole.

How to take care of your faux leather sofa?

get knowledge on how to take care of your leatheraire on sofas


Does Air leather sofas crack?

Leatheraire is a micro-perforated polyurethane fabric created to look and feel like natural leather at a fraction of the cost. Since it won't chip, peel, or flake even after years of usage, it's the best option.

Does Air leather sofas peel?

Due to its newness, not a lot has been written about this material. After three years of everyday usage, one sectional sofa owner reported no peeling. We also have not had any reports of peeling from our customers to date.

Some owners have reported that the finish isn't very long-lasting on the sofas they purchased and shows signs of peeling and deformation after just a few years of usage. If you buy a poorer-quality piece, your leatheraire couch will likely peel. If you buy quality, it's less likely to peel within just a few years.

It seems that some stores don't care about their fabrics' durability. The only thing that matters to them is that it looks beautiful in the display case.

How to care for your faux leather sofa?

Maintenance of leatheraire is easy and convenient since it doesn't take much time or effort.

Leatheraire should be cleaned in the same way as other synthetic leathers. Before stains dry, wipe them away with a moist (but not dripping) towel. All that is required for cleaning is soapy water.

Before wiping the material with a damp microfiber towel, squeeze out as much water as possible. We advise regular cleaning of leather air to prevent general wear and tear and to stay on top of any markings that may accumulate with usage. Before wiping off the whole surface, ensure the solution is safe by testing it in a tiny, inconspicuous area. 

It's also OK to use baby wipes on faux leather. Baby wipes are a great alternative to clean cloths and soapy water if you are in a sticky situation. 

We also offer you a strong leather cleaner kit that will keep your leatheraire sofa look like new!

How long does Air leather last?

 Among the most long-lasting options, leatheraire won't flake over time and can withstand heavy wear and tear for years. Purchasing a leatheraire couch has both short- and long-term cost savings.

As with leatheraire, the strength and durability of faux leather are often inferior to genuine leather. If you choose leather upholstery, it may endure for 20 years or more, during which time it will have saved you a significant amount of money. Conversely, leatheraire's longevity is likely to be five years or so. However, most people are ready for another sofa by then anyway.

Because genuine leather may be degraded by environmental factors as quickly as synthetic leather, no two leather-wearing experiences will be identical. In the same way that pet claws may damage fake leather, so they can real leather. The genuine leather may take a little longer to exhibit signs of wear.

How to look after your faux leather sofa?

The same methods used to clean other synthetic leathers should also work for cleaning leatheraire. Before stains dry, wipe them away with a moist cloth. Mildly soapy water is required to aid in the cleaning process. This imitation leather may be cleaned using baby wipes. Dust out the back of the seats with a damp cloth so it won't accumulate and look unsightly. 

Do you own or consider buying a faux leather Sofa? These are the crucial Dos and don’ts!

Major dos & don'ts regarding air leather


The major dos!

Leatheraire, the fabric used to upholster sofas, is also breathable, unlike other synthetic leathers. The upholstery of our Leatheraire couches has been pierced with a plethora of small holes to increase airflow. You won't get the sticky after-feel or the cold vinyl sensation familiar to other fake lather substitutes. In every manner, it's meant to look and feel like genuine leather. As a result, after a few months of use, it's almost as durable as genuine leather and as comfortable as natural leather.

Leather is one of those luxurious fabrics that never goes out of style and works in any design scheme. There's no better time to buy a leather couch or chair for your living room if you love the classic appearance and feel of leather.

Our leatheraire textiles have been very popular among our clients because of their durability and extended service life. Yes, they won't last as long as top-grain leather, but you'll still get your money's worth. A genuine leather or leatheraire couch may cost more initially, but it will save you money in the long run.

The major don’ts

Faux leather is a cheaper but still attractive alternative for home furnishings, especially for those on a smaller budget. At first look, this fabric may seem identical to its natural predecessor, but the two are very distinct upon closer inspection. You may be disappointed if you think a fake leather couch would age and shine like genuine leather.

A leather couch may deteriorate in a variety of settings. How you care for your furniture will determine how long it will last.

A leatheraire couch may not be the best option if your pet often jumps up on the furniture. Be aware that the claws will cause damage over time. Because of this, you should choose the option that best suits your needs. It's pleasant to come in after a hot day and sit on a couch that won't make you sweaty and sticky, even if it isn't as long-lasting as top-grain leather.

Don't leave your leatheraire sofa in the sun. Keep your faux leather sofa out of direct sunlight. UV rays deteriorate all fabric, including genuine leather and cotton.

In Summary

Air leather as a faux leather alternative may be an upgrade over traditional faux leather if the two are compared side by side. It lasts well and is in keeping with the vegan ethos. Though Leatheraire can outperform genuine leather in terms of price and maintenance, in some cases, some people want genuine leather, no matter the ecological downside.

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