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Everything You Need to Know About Leather Aire in Your Sofas

Everything you need to know about leather aire in your sofas At The Sofa Shop

Welcome to our air leather for sofas FAQ section! You've come to the correct page if you're thinking of having air leather as your sofa's upholstery material. To assist you in making an educated choice, we'll address some frequently asked questions in this blog article. We'll discuss everything, including the calibre and tenacity of air leather as well as its upkeep and maintenance. We have the information you need, whether you're interested in the degree of comfort, colour variations, or even the environmental effect of air leather sofas. So let's explore the world of air leather and find out why people who care about both style and sustainability are increasingly choosing them.

Q1: What is leatheraire fabric on sofas?

What is leatheraire fabric on sofas? The Sofa Shop

Modern micro-perforated polyurethane fabric called Air leather is created to resemble the texture and appearance of real leather. It is a synthetic substance that has toughness and endurance properties equal to those of genuine leather, making vegan consumers favour it.

Q2: How does Air leather compare to other synthetic sofa fabrics?

How does Air leather compare to other synthetic sofa fabrics?

The micro-perforations of Air leather set it apart from other synthetic sofa fabrics by improving comfort and breathability. Leatheraire is more resilient and less prone to harm than bonded leather. In addition, leatheraire is more aesthetically pleasing and more pleasant to sit on than PVC, which may be sticky.

Q3: How should I take care of my leatheraire sofa?

how to take care of your leather aire on sofas

A faux leather sofa is simple and convenient to maintain. Stains may be eliminated and the fabric can be kept looking new with routine washing with a moist cloth or baby wipes. To guarantee adequate maintenance and lifespan, it's also suggested to use a leather cleaner kit made especially for air leather sofas.

Q4: What are the dos and don'ts regarding leatheraire sofas?

Do's and dont's when it comes to your sofa


  • Regularly wipe down the sofa with a moist cloth or baby wipes.
  • To preserve the leather's elegance, use a cleaning kit.
  • Keep the sofa out of direct sunlight to keep the colours vibrant.


  • Use abrasive or aggressive cleaning products.
  • Place the sofa in areas with high temperatures or close to heat sources.
  • Permit spills to remain on the material for a long time.

Q5: Why is it called leatheraire or Air leather?

Real Leather & Leather Aire

Because it provides better ventilation than standard synthetic leather, Leatheraire earned its name. Better ventilation is made possible by the fabric's micro-perforations, which makes sitting down more pleasant. Once broken in, it also imitates the look, feel, and functionality of genuine leather.

Q6: What is air leather made of?

What's leather aire made of

Polyurethane is used to create air leather, also known as leatheraire. Although synthetic materials have certain benefits, imitation leather is not as durable as real leather. However, because of its small perforations, leatheraire is more breathable than genuine leather, making it more comfortable in a variety of climates.

Q7: How good is air leather?

Quality of Leather Aire

Consumer reactions to leatheraire differ because it's a unique material. Given that it withstands frequent usage well, many people express pleasure with its performance and longevity. Genuine leather yet outperforms the majority of synthetic substitutes in terms of durability and endurance.

Q8: Is air leather considered real leather?

Is air leather considered real leather?

Air leather, often known as leatheraire, is not real leather. It is a synthetic material created to resemble the look, feel, and functionality of genuine leather. As a result, it serves as a more affordable and vegan-friendly substitute for real leather.

Q9: What can I expect in terms of air leather fabric durability and quality?

air leather fabric durability and quality

The use and maintenance of air leather sofas affect their quality and durability, among other things. Many of our clients are happy with leatheraire's durability although it could not last as long as genuine leather. To guarantee improved longevity and function, it is crucial to invest in premium air leather products like ours.

Q10: How does air leather compare to other synthetic or genuine sofa fabrics?

air leather compare to other synthetic or genuine sofa fabrics

Bonded leather is less expensive than air leather but has less durability and aesthetic appeal since it is manufactured from discarded pieces and coupled with polyurethane glue. Genuine leather is more resilient than air leather, but it has higher production costs and environmental drawbacks. While maintaining a solid mix of quality and durability, air leather provides a more cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution.

Q11: How does air leather compare to PVC?

air leather compare to PVC

PVC is seen to be inferior to air leather, commonly referred to as air leather, in terms of look, texture, comfort, and durability. It gives a more upscale appearance and has an opulent feel, and it closely mimics genuine leather. Additionally, because it breathes well, it is more comfortable. In comparison to PVC, which can eventually fracture or peel, Leatheraire is more resilient to wear and tear and has a longer lifespan. Furthermore, Leatheraire is less harmful to the environment than PVC.

In conclusion, Air Leather, often referred to as Leatheraire, is a contemporary synthetic fabric created to mimic the feel and appearance of genuine leather. It offers firmness and durability that are comparable to real leather, making it a popular option for vegan shoppers. Through its micro-perforations, Air Leather distinguishes itself from conventional synthetic couch textiles by enhancing comfort and breathability. Regular washing with a moist cloth or cloths and a leather cleaning kit are required for simple upkeep. Air Leather, a fashionable and environmentally friendly solution for couches, improves airflow and imitates the appearance, feel, and practicality of genuine leather. Even though premium Air Leather products like ours might not equal the toughness of actual leather, they can increase lifetime.

Air leather is more affordable and ecologically friendly when compared to other fake or real couch textiles like bonded leather or PVC. Additionally, it provides excellent comfort, durability, and looks. Overall, Air Leather is a well-liked option for people looking for comfortable and ethical couch upholstery since it combines design, affordability, and sustainability.
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