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Electric Recliner Chairs

Electric Recliner Chairs 

Welcome to the Sofa Shop, where you may find the most comfortable electric reclining chairs, including risers and cutting-edge high-tech armchairs. 

Browse our beautiful selection of electric recliner chairs. Here you'll find some that have USB chargers and some that just give you somewhere to recline and relax in style. 

Lounge in style in one of these recliner chairs

A motorised recliner may take you to a state of relaxation that not even the cushiest standard armchair can match. 

Power recliners, which can be adjusted electrically, are great for relieving strain on the back, legs, and neck by providing a variety of comfortable positions. These chairs come with a range of features including USB chargers for topping up the battery on electronic devices, and even tilting and raising the seat to facilitate a safe rise.

There are many styles and extra options when shopping for a power recliner. We hope this carefully compiled list of some of the top power recliner chairs available will serve as a useful jumping-off point for your next significant furniture purchase. 

Keep reading to find out what to look for in a power recliner just right for you, and see what we currently have in stock.

Relax at a comfortable price without inflation.

Inquire about our contemporary electric recliner chairs that can recreate a home cinema experience on your property. With our motorised recliner chair, we have changed the way people enjoy movies at home. Come along with us for a great experience that is hard to get elsewhere.

We've been called "disruptors" in the online sofa retail industry, and this is down to our products and our service. 

Meet your ideal 1 seater sofa!   

One of our cutting-edge leather power recliner chairs is the perfect place to relax while enjoying your favourite media. Whether you like to scroll on your tablet or you love reading the paper, this is the ideal spot!  

Modern, sleek electric recliners with LED lighting are just one of several available seating options. These include all the modern conveniences you might want, such as USB chargers, ambient lighting underneath the seats, and electric recline.

Make the most of your downtime with cutting-edge comforts and amenities on a brand-new recliner chair with a USB port. 

Leather and fabric electric recliner chairs with 0% APR financing.

We handcraft these leather recliner armchairs using your choice of genuine leather, imitation leather, or fabric for the upholstery. Comfortable, inviting hues and textures that are breathable and low-maintenance.

There is a wide selection of tech choices for our electric recliner chairs. Choose from the classic, tried-and-true design, or upgrade to a centre console with more storage, under-seat LED illumination, reading lights, and more. These can take a beating from kids or dogs for years and give you a surprisingly long service.

About Us and Why Buy Advanced Technology Lounge Recliner Chairs from Us

So you have the energy to do everything on your list, take advantage of your downtime at home. We make a difference by studying how a comfortable leather recliner armchair can make you kinder, gentler, and more understanding toward your fellow humans.

We decided to support this notion, so we took action. The journey started with constructing an insanely comfortable motorised black leather electric recliner chair, replete with all the trimmings. In this case, the end outcome was much better than we had hoped for, and our customers are happy. We believe our technological innovation is unrivalled in the market at this price point.

We've improved upon traditional power recliner armchair by listening to our customers and have added all kinds of extra features that are not easy to find elsewhere. 

Our consumers are as important to us as our products.

Buying an electric recliner armchair from our firm will change your perspective on what a supplier of such goods should be like. Every product we manufacture, every service we offer and every policy we write is focused on serving you, the consumer.

Our luxury electric recliner chairs will become your family's go-to seating solution.

For instance, we promise to have the lowest price on the high-quality single recliner chairs, lounge recliner chairs and power recliner chairs we sell. Our tight relationship with the maker allows us to have a say in the look and feel of the power recliners and get significant discounts.

Customers are pleased once they get their electric recliner armchair from us. We never get used to seeing the look of pure joy on their cheeks as they open the packaging of a brand new, shining, power reclining armchair.

Purchase the home cinema armchair of your dreams!

About power recliner chairs

One of life's greatest pleasures is taking it easy on the armchair while watching a movie. Picture yourself relaxing with loved ones while you watch a blockbuster movie or play a thrilling video game on a huge screen. Our electric reclining chairs include all the comfort and ease you might expect from a seating arrangement.

Below, you'll find a rundown of all the available customisation choices for a recliner armchair electric like the ones seen on this page to give you an idea of how luxurious they are. These recliner chairs on sale are powered by electricity and come with various features, so you may put them wherever you enjoy spending time in the home. No matter where you place it, it'll be stunning.

Electric Recliner chair options 

You can choose from the following:

  • Finished in faux leather
  • Finished in fabric 
  • Drink holders 
  • USB chargers
  • LED lighting below the seats
  • Removable tray tables
  • Power reclining function

Today, we provide some of the industry's most unique and advanced capabilities for leather electric recliner chairs.

Next Day Delivery Options Available

Recliner chairs with cup holders and more - Our Price and Product Guarantees

We guarantee that both the quality of our products and the value of our pricing will always remain. Every customer who purchases a power recliner chair in leather or fabric from us should feel like they got the finest deal possible.

During the first 30 days following purchase, if you discover a store selling one of our high-tech electric lounge recliner chairs for less, we will give you £50 in addition to the price difference. Whenever you purchase at the Sofa Shop, you can be confident that you will get a reasonable price. This includes any lazy boy electric recliner chairs, leather electric riser recliner chairs or any item from the Sofa Shop.

Additionally, any manufacturing defects are covered by our 12-month warranty. Use and wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee. 

30 days to return it, and 12 months to redeem the warranty.

Power Recliner Armchair Assembly Service

Simple construction is all that's needed for our electric reclining armchair. It costs just £29.99 for us to handle it for you. In other words, we have top-notch service for our clients.

The solid frame of these luxury electric recliner chairs is the most important factor in determining their comfort level. Other armchairs are typically built using glue and wood, however, metal is often used in the frames of our chairs to increase durability.

Recliner gaming chairs delivery service

Next-day delivery is available for £150 if you reside in Yorkshire. Your new single electric recliner chair will be delivered to you fast of charge within the next 5-10 days, even if you don't happen to reside in Yorkshire.

Make sure the recliner chair will fit through the doorway by measuring the width and height of the entryway.

Visit our massive sofa showroom to test out our power recliner chairs in leather and fabric

At our Dewsbury location, which is 5,000 square feet, you'll find various chairs to choose from. We have you covered if you're interested in purchasing a power reclining chair but are unable to visit our store in Yorkshire. Set up a video chat with our staff, and they will provide you with all the information and demonstrations you want without the need for you to leave the comfort of your own home.

Our selection of electric chairs  

Delivery times for brand-new electric recliner armchair designs may be longer than usual as we need to manufacture more to meet demand.

We can offer next-day delivery and sofa assembly services.

It's time to order your new power recliner chair 

Don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything else you need to know about these beautiful electric recliner chairs. If you have any other questions about the armchairs or the methods of payment we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us. Let us know how we can help.

When you take photos that are worthy of being posted on Instagram, be sure to send them to us.

Order your electric recliner chair sofa now and get EXPRESS delivery within 5-10 days. 0% Finance Options Over 3-8 Months