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4 Seater Sofa Recliner with Chaise

You won't find a better collection of 4 seater electric reclining sofas anywhere else on the internet than what you'll discover at The Sofa Shop.

These gorgeous 4 seater sofas provide a touch of elegance and comfort to any living room, creating the ideal atmosphere for relaxing in style. They are meticulously crafted, with attention to detail, easily blend aesthetic appeal with great comfort, delivering a sumptuous reclining experience.

These sofas' sleek and stylish design improves the entire mood of the house, giving a touch of refinement to your home décor. Their elegant lines, smooth curves, and excellent upholstery make them a visual joy, making them turning heads!. You may easily choose a sofa that matches your current interior design or acts as a statement piece in a modern environment since they are available in a broad variety of designs, colours, and materials.

Reach an outstanding comfort level at the best price by opting for our 4 seater sofa

Check out our contemporary electric reclining 4 seater sofas if you want to bring the movie experience into your own house. Our motorised reclining chair has permanently revolutionised the way people watch films at home. 

Come along with us on a journey unlike any other.

Aside from their magnificent design, these 4 seater leather electric recliners prioritise comfort above everything else. After a long day, you may snuggle in and rest thanks to the amply cushioned cushions and ergonomic design. 

These sofas give a warm and welcoming environment to decompress, whether you're cuddling up with a nice book, watching a movie, or having a long conversation with friends and family.

Meet your ideal 4 seater electric recliner sofa!  

Durability is also an important aspect of these sofas. They are built with high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship to survive the test of time and retain their charm for years to come. The sturdy frame design assures stability and sturdiness, while the upholstery is selected for its durability and ease of cleaning, making these couches useful and long-lasting.

4 seater leather sofa with 0% APR financing!

Our synthetic leather 4 seater sofa may be tailored to your liking. You may choose between a conventional reclining chair and an enhanced version with a console, greater storage, under-seat LED illumination, reading lights, and other features. These will last for years!

 Trust experience, trust the Sofa Shop!

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Recharge your batteries at home and power through your days without burning out! Indulge in luxury with our state-of-the-art 4 seater leather sofa, designed for ultimate relaxation and sophistication. Clients were pleasantly surprised by the solution's effectiveness, exceeding their expectations. 

Its time to experience cutting-edge technology at an unbeatable price with our unrivalled products!

Revolutionise your living room with our new and improved leather 4 seater sofas, designed with your feedback in mind!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority - we value your case as much as our products!

Get ready to have your mind blown about sofa sellers when you work with us. Our creations revolve around you, the customer! Our electric reclining 4 seater sofa will undoubtedly become one of your favourite pieces of furniture. We take pleasure in the delight of our clients once they get their 4 seater sofa electric reclining sofa from us.

Purchase the sofa of your dreams!

About leather 4 seater sofas 

One of life's basic joys is to unwind while watching a movie while seated on a 4 seater reclining couch. Imagine watching a movie or playing a video game on a huge screen at home with your loved ones. Our electric reclining sofas, which feature everything you could desire, are the perfect spot to unwind.

To give you a sense of the high level of comfort that comes standard with a 4 seat leather reclining sofa, we've listed every option below. This style of sofa will look lovely anywhere you want to place it.

Our amazing 4 seater chaise sofa provides the pinnacle of comfort and convenience. Drink from the built-in cup holders, store necessities in the intelligently constructed compartments, and personalise your area with detachable tables. 

Why not? Drift into pleasure with the easy-to-use reclining mechanism and adjustable headrests, and enjoy the peace of mind that its stain and fire-resistant features bring. Elevate your lounging experience in style with a sofa representing elegance and utility, transforming your living space into a relaxing and sophisticated sanctuary.

Choose from the following:

  • Finished in faux leather
  • Storage available in the arms
  • Drink holders 
  • Removable tray tables
  • Power reclining function
  • Storage in the arms
  • Drop down consoles

We provide some of the most innovative and cutting-edge functions for 4 seater electric reclining sofas.

4 seat leather reclining sofa- Our Price and Product Guarantees

We guarantee that our products will always be of the best quality and that our pricing will always be reasonable. Our customers purchasing a 4 seater electric recliner from us deserve to know they got the finest deal possible.

We provide a £50 price match guarantee during the first 30 days of purchase if you discover another store offering the exact model of our high-tech reclining 3 seater electric couch for less than what you paid. You can always count on the Sofa Shop to provide reasonable rates. Cheer up! The offer is valid on any 4 seater electric reclining sofa or item in our shop.

In addition, we provide a twelve-month guarantee on any defective manufacture. (The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear).

4 Seater Leather Sofa Assembly Service

If you need assistance assembling your three-seater reclining sofa, we can assist you for a price as low as £29.99. The most important part of the comfort of these three-seater reclining sofas is their construction. The standard building components for sofas are glue and wood, however, ours have a robust hardwood frame and occasionally metal to extend their lifetime.

Visit our massive sofa showroom to test out our 4 seater sofa recliner

In our 5,000-square-foot Dewsbury showroom, we offer a wide range of sofas to meet every demand. Don't worry if you want to purchase a power reclining sofa for 4 but can't make it to our Yorkshire store! We got you covered! Set up a video conversation with our experts to receive the answers and demos you need without leaving your house.

It's time to purchase your unique 4 seater leather reclining sofa!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further details about these stunning 4 seater electric reclining sofas. You may always ask us if you have any questions about the sofas or the different payment methods. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do for you!

Order this 4 seater electric recliner sofa now and get EXPRESS delivery in 5 to 10 days. Finance Options at 0% over 3-8 months