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3 and 2 Seater Leather Sofa Packages

Premium 3 and 2 Seater Leather Sofa Packages

Welcome to the Sofa Shop - home to the most comprehensive range of 3 and 2 leather sofa packages in the UK.

We supply a broad assortment of stylish faux and genuine leather sofa sets. These are highly classy and are sure to astonish your neighbours. Most of them come with exciting features you may not have seen before. Sophistication knows no bounds in our selection. 

We've got what you want whether you're seeking real leather sofa 3+2 or two and 3 seater sofas in faux leather. On other pages you can find many other styles, finishes and combination sets, so if you cannot find what you want here, do take the time to browse our other offers. 

When it comes to our faux leather, we use Leather Aire. It's breathable imitation leather with the excellent features of genuine leather, such as durability, a very appealing look, and of course - easy to keep clean.

Let's explore what you may expect regarding the characteristics of these unique 3 and 2 seater leather sofa packages.

Most of our 3+2 sofa sets contain leather-finished reclining sofas. They often come with two USB connections built-in, making it easy to recharge devices like your smartphone and ear pods. 

Some designs are cinema-style sofas with other features, such as massage, storage, cup holders, and reading lights. 

But you need to know that the Sofa Store pledges to match or beat the price of any of these designs sold elsewhere in the UK. We will refund the difference in price and give you £50. 

Please note that we will have your leather couch set for you in as short as five to ten days at no extra cost.

Browse our vast assortment to discover many Italian leather sofas 3+2, real leather reclining sofa sets, two seater and 3 seater settees. 

Take a good look at our collection and see what delights you can find.

Reduce your exposure to inflation and rest easy at a reasonable price.

You've found the Sofa Shop, where we have more 3 and 2 seater real leather sofa packages than anybody else in the UK.

All our models are very en vogue, and will definitely wow your neighbours. Some of the most exciting and unique qualities they provide are ones you may not have seen in similar products previously.

We have both genuine and synthetic leather sofa set 2 and 3 seater style in stock. 

Meet your perfect three and two seater settees set! 

In our showroom, you'll find a large selection of modern and sophisticated 3 and 2 seater leather sofa packages, perfect for your home's living room or media room. The most up-to-date models often come with convenient features like reading lamps, motorized reclining, massage, USB charging connections, and LED lighting under the seats.

Having so many amenities at your disposal makes staying home a far more appealing option, and your loved ones will be more than happy about it. 

Financing with no interest is available.

All the three and two seater settee sets we sell are made by hand by experienced couch artisans utilizing only the best materials available.

Our Story and Why You Should Purchase 3 and 2 Seater Leather Sofa Packages from Us

It's safe to assume that, like the rest of us, you find that a night at home relaxing before bed helps you feel refreshed and ready to take on the following day. Decades of research reveal that when individuals relax on high-quality sofas, they exhibit considerable gains in prosocial behaviours including empathy, mental clarity, and collaboration. They are also more productive.

The outcome of our research meant that we made an initial effort to create a comfortable sofa with seating for three. We made something that was a joy to sit on. Our customers were overjoyed so we have since expanded our line and integrated their feedback into our designs. The outcomes is that we are one of the leading sofa shops online. 

When it comes to these two seater and 3 seater packages, you can seat five people comfortably. 

Sofa Shop's innovative approach to designing our three and two seater sofa sets and our dedication to satisfying customers have caused a significant shift in the sofa business. We considered your suggestions while designing new, ultra-comfortable chairs for your living room or home cinema room. 

In the same way we're enthusiastic about the quality of our goods, we love giving quality service to our customers.

We know it's time to update how sofas are sold in the UK. We have been changing things so that all sofa sellers have to raise the bar. 

We accomplished our mission thanks to the Sofa Shop's excellent goods and services.

We want you to have a great experience buying two and 3 seater sofa set. 

We would happily meet or beat that price if you discover a lower price somewhere on a reclining three and two-seater couches set. We have such close relationships with the factory that we can have input on the design of all the sofa products and also get them at a discount.

Our average rating on TrustPilot is 4.8 out of 5.

Express delivery on everything.

About 3 and 2 Seater Sofa Packages 

These real leather sofa 3+2, real leather sofa sets for sale and three and two seater settees are available in a wide range of colours and have several modern conveniences.

Though ideal for lounging on while watching a movie or playing video games with friends and family, our 3 and 2 seater leather sofa packages also have many other applications. It's possible to put them to use as extra seating in every area of your house or apartment, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

3 and 2 seater leather sofa package options 

You can choose from the following:

  • 2 & 3 seater sofa 
  • Cupholders
  • Remote control
  • USB charges
  • Massage function
  • Underseat lighting
  • Removable tray table
  • Reclining function
  • Reading light
  • Drop down consoles

Our extensive selection of 2 and 3 piece sofa sets in leather includes some of the most cutting-edge innovations in the business.

Next Day Delivery Options Available

Assurances on both Cost and Quality

We stand behind our products and services by offering price and quality guarantees.

We promise to refund the difference (plus £50) if you discover the same sofa set 2 and 3 seater packages at a lower price elsewhere. If you're not happy with your purchase, neither is The Sofa Shop. The same warranty applies to our many other types of seating, including all our sofas. 

Have peace of mind knowing that our work is guaranteed for 12 months. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear.

There is a 30-day return policy, and you will get a full refund, repair or replacement if there is a defect during the first year.

Service for Assembling 3 and 2 Seater Real Leather Sofa Packages

We can assist you with assembling your real leather sofa sets and imitation leather 3 +2 seater couches in the United Kingdom. Our prices begin at just £29.99.

Services for Delivering from our Leather Sofa Set Sale

EAST shipping is provided in 5-10 days after purchase. We will gladly ship it to you in Yorkshire the next business day for only £150 if you are a resident. Please check the dimensions of your entryway to ensure the couch will fit through it before making an order. 

We provide the most comprehensive solution available. The delivery, assembly, and removal of packaging of your new sofas 2 and 3 seaters set will only cost you £99.

Full refunds will be issued for any purchases that are cancelled up to 48 hours before delivery.

Both Trustpilot and Google give us 4.8 stars out of 5.

Visit our showroom to look at our three and two seater sofas

Our 5,000 square foot showroom in Dewsbury displays all our sofas including our three and two seater sofas. You can sit on them and try them all out. You may also ask our team any questions about sofas through video chat, saving you the trouble of travelling to Yorkshire.

How many of our 3 and 2 seater leather sofa packages do we have in stock?

We try to have all choices in stock at all times, however, when a new model is released, there may be a short delay in shipments as we build up inventory to match demand.

Biggest Range of Reclining 3 Piece Suite in the UK

It's time to order!

All the details you need to buy one of our 3 and 2 seater real leather sofa packages and faux leather 2 and 3 seater sets are provided below. Questions about the 3+2 leather sofa sets or our flexible payment plans are always welcome. Please allow us to help.

Once you've received your order, we'd appreciate it if you'd email us some Instagram-worthy photos to share with the world.

Order your 3 and 2 seater leather sofa package now. We deliver Express and offer great payment plans through DivideBuy.