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Work From Home - Sales

Why did we start our Work From Home Admin Jobs programme ?

The onslaught of Covid-19 changed the world and the way we work. It changed the way we think and the way we choose to work.

It also caused alot of financial damage and tens of thousands of people lost their jobs, homes, cars and career progression opportunities.

We wanted to do something and we wanted to give something back.

We understand that some people cannot leave their home everyday and work 9-5 jobs.

We appreciate that Work From Home Admin Jobs can make an immense difference in people's psychological well-being, their quality of life, their confidence and their career opportunities once they gain more experience.


What kind of Work From Home Admin Jobs do you have to offer ?

Whilst alot of our business is hands on in the warehouse and on customer deliveries, we have collaborated with our Lawyers and Tax Advisors to find the best opportunities for people to do Work From Home Admin Jobs for us.

The perfect opportunity has been isolated to Sales.

An opportunity to do Work From Home Admin Jobs in the Sales sector means that you really don't need much training, you can learn the products we offer from our website, you can see the stock we have and the services we offer.

As long as you have computer, the internet and a mobile phone, you can undertake this Work From Home Admin Job.

What will i be required to do in this Work From Home Admin Job ?

This job is entirely flexible for you, based on whatever your needs are.

You can work anytime you want, where you want, how you want.

There really isn't much we will need to control, as long as you only follow the descriptions and services and product information on our website.

Once you understand the products we sell and their prices and specifications, you can use an array of online SALES PLATFORMS to list the products and engage with customers to make the sale of the product.

You will liaise with our in-house sales team if you need more information, more pictures or more videos but otherwise, you would provide a helpful, informative and pleasant interaction to potential customers.

Your customers are yours and you will refer them to the website for reference but you would manage the sale from A to Z, until the sofas we sell are delivered, the customer is happy and decided to keep the sofa.


Which kind of platforms are we allowed to sell on ?

You can use platforms such as:

  • Ebay
  • Gumtree
  • Friday Ads
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Craigslist

There are countless platform on which you can advertise our products and generate interest and sales.

Will i get any training for this Work From Home Admin Job?

Since the nature and purpose of this role is to offer opportunities for people to make money and to create income streams for people who are carers and parents of young children or particularly vulnerable to disease and unable to leave the home; we expect some online learning is sufficient to perform this role.

You will be sent links to YouTube and other videos concerning sales.

You will also be shown how to sell and what tools to use and how to speak to customers and how to engage with them.

You will be assisted with images and videos if this is what you need and you will be allowed to market your allocated products with freedom, so you can learn what works and what doesn't work and how to convert an enquiry into a sale.

From time to time, guidance is offered and one-to-one training sessions are help to give you a boost in knowledge and skills.

What is the pay for this Work From Home Admin Job ?

To create healthy competition and to motivate you, we have a transparent commission payment structure as follows:

  • £50 for a corner sofa set
  • £50 for a sofa set
  • £30 for a 3 seater sofa alone
  • £20 for a 2 seater sofa alone
  • £20 for a chair
  • £10 for a footstool

On the basis that the customer keeps the sofa past the return period of 14 days, you will be paid your commission payments in monthly instalments.

How do i apply for the Work From Home Admin Job?

Please complete our contact form and in the subject field, write: Work From Home Admin Job

Please then attach your CV and give us some details about you, your profile, what you do, where you live, why you want to do Work From Home Admin Jobs and providing whatever other information you think will help us to understand you and your circumstances.

If your application is of interest to us, we will invite you for an interview.

If you are successful, you will need to attend an induction day with us to leaern more about us, our services, our profucts and to meet the team.