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Leather Sofa Sets

The Sofa Shop is the UK's premier online destination for purchasing high-quality leather sofa sets. Whether you're seeking a 3+2 sofa set, a 3 piece sofa set or a 3 2 1 sofa set, we have them all! 

A variety of stylish leather couch sets are available from our store. These are sure to win over the attention of your neighbours, family and visitors with their sophisticated style. Most of them include cutting-edge innovations that will excite and amaze you, particularly our power recliner sofa sets. 

We have both genuine leather and faux leather sofa sets in stock. However, most of our wares are finished in Aire Leather, hard wearing artificial leather. It's a simulated leather that breathes like natural leather yet is just as long-lasting, stylish, and simple to maintain.

Now, cosy up so we can tell you a little more about the available options for these luxurious leather sofas.

Most of our three-seaters include two USB charging ports so that you can quickly and easily recharge your mobile devices or audio headphones. The one- and two-seater armchairs should also have some of the same options.

We can get your leather couch set to you in 10 days at no additional cost, and the Sofa Shop guarantees to match or better the pricing of any authorised merchant.

In our vast selection, you will find many options for three-piece couch sets, some of which come with convenient extras like USB ports, drink holders, and reclining seats. Some models may even include reading lights and storage. Have a peek at our products; you never know what you could discover.

Reduce your exposure to inflation and rest easy at a reasonable price.

Our selection of leather sofa sets is second to none.

Meet your perfect three-piece sofa set! 

None of our competitors can match our selection of genuine and faux leather sofa sets. We've got the label of "disruptors" because of the ground-breaking nature of the couches we've designed. No one else offers as many leather sofa sets as we do. 

Financing with no interest is available.

Our trained couch artisans make every one of our leather sofa sets by hand using only the finest materials.

Our Story and Why You Should Purchase Leather Sofa Sets from Us

It's likely that, like the rest of us, you find that winding down at home in the evening makes you feel more prepared to face the next day's challenges. Studies have shown that people who rest on high-quality sofas show significant improvements in areas that benefit society, including empathy, mental clarity, and a propensity to collaborate. 

When we started our journey, we designed a comfy three-piece sofa set. Included in the group were 3-seater, 2-seater, and 1-seater, providing enough seating for everyone in the household and their guests.

After that, we ensured that our customers had everything they needed to make the most of their time relaxing on their new reclining three-piece suite before packing it and sending it on its way to them.

The staff at Sofa Shop have revolutionised the sofa retailing industry with their fresh take on everything from the design of 3-piece couches to the quality of their customer service. Taking your suggestions into account, we have designed some brand new, very comfy seating options for your living room or home media room.

In the same way, we're enthusiastic about the quality of our goods, we love giving quality service to our customers.

We set out to transform the market by raising the bar on what people look for in sofa retailers and makers. 

At the Sofa Shop – with your help, we were able to accomplish our mission.

We hope that your decision to purchase a leather reclining couch set comes with as many advantages as possible.

For instance, if you discover a lower price somewhere on a reclining 3 piece suite, we would happily meet or beat that price. Because we have a close relationship with the company that makes the three-piece couch sets, we can have a say in how they are made and buy them at a lower price.

When customers try out one of our 3 piece reclining couch sets, they immediately light up with joy. Customers who purchase a three-seat couch set can't wait to get their hands on it and rip open the package.

The TrustPilot ratings we've received are worth viewing. 

About Three Piece Sofa Sets 

Our couches are perfect for lounging around while watching TV or playing video games with friends and family. They are versatile enough to be employed as extra seating in every area of the house or apartment, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Assurances on both Cost and Quality

Knowing how important it is to stand behind our products, we provide price and quality assurance.

We promise to refund the difference (plus £50) if you discover the same leather sofa set at a lower price elsewhere. At The Sofa Shop, we want you to love everything you buy. We guarantee not just our 2 piece leather sofa set but also our numerous other seating alternatives.

Enjoy peace of mind for a whole year with our craftsmanship guarantee. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear.

Furthermore, if there is a defect in the first year, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Service for Assembling Leather Sofa Sets

We can assist with assembling your leather sofa set. Our prices start at only £29.99. 

Services for Delivering 3 Piece Leather Sofa Sets 

We will ship your order at no cost 10 days after your purchase if you live within 250 miles of us. We will gladly ship this to you in Yorkshire the next 5-10 business days for only £150.

To guarantee that the couch will fit through the doorway, please take measurements before making an order.

Both Trustpilot and Google give us 4.8 stars, the maximum possible. 

We provide the most comprehensive sofa solutions available. We deliver your three-piece suite in leather to your home for only £99, plus we'll set it up for you and remove the packaging as well.

Visit our showroom to look at our reclining leather sofa suite

In our 5,000 square foot showroom in Dewsbury, you are welcome to sit on any of our three-seat couch sets. You may also ask our team any questions about sofas through video chat, saving you the trouble of travelling to Yorkshire. Our reclining couch set with USB ports comes with a three-seater, a two-seater, and a one-seater for your comfort.

How many of our 3-piece sofa sets do we have in stock?

We try to keep all of the available options in stock, but when a new model comes out, we sometimes have to delay shipments until we have enough of the new model to meet demand.

Order your leather sofa set now. We deliver Express and offer great payment plans through DivideBuy.