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3 1 1 Electric Recliner Sofa Set inc. Cinema Seats in Grey Leather. 3 Piece Cinema Sofa Set with LED Light & Cooling Cup Holders - Venice Series Two

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Sofa Features:

Key features of 3 1 1 Electric Recliner Sofa Set inc. Cinema Seats in Grey Leather. 3 Piece Cinema Sofa Set with LED Light & Cooling Cup Holders - Venice Series Two

USB Charging Ports

4x USB Charging Ports

Drop down table

Easy to Use Drop Down Table

Cup holders

8x Cup Holders

Storage Boxes

6x Storage Boxes

Removable Table Trays

4x Removable Table Trays

LED Lights

LED Lights

Smooth Electric Reclining Mechanism

Smooth Electric Reclining Mechanism

Vibration Massage

Vibration Massage

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Cooling Cup Holders

Cooling Cup Holders

Made to Last

Made to Last

Relax in Fully Reclining Seats

Relax in Fully Reclining Seats

Sofa Highlights:
  • Finished in a grey aire leather material 
  • Medium padding and solid wooden frame to provide lasting comfort
  • Premium foam, premium spring coil package
  • Easily adjusted with the electric mechanism
  • Easy to clean and a great value for the money
  • UKFR certificate for added safety
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and a 5-year frame guarantee
  • A great investment for any home.
  • Recline the Sofa Seat to Any position that suits you
  • Note : The maximum weight capacity of each seat is 110KG

Dimensions :

3 Seater Sofa Dimensions
Overall length
Overall length:
210 cm
Overall height
Overall height:
104 cm
Overall depth
Overall depth:
78 cm
Seat height
Seat height:
50 cm
Seat depth
Seat depth:
53 cm
Arm height
Arm height:
61 cm
Arm width
Arm width:
23 cm
Seat length
Seat Length:
50 cm
1 Seater Sofa Dimensions
Overall length
Overall length:
90 cm
Overall height
Overall height:
105 cm
Overall depth
Overall depth:
76 cm
Seat height
Seat height:
50 cm
Seat depth
Seat depth:
59 cm
Arm height
Arm height:
63 cm
Seat length
Seat Length:
58 cm
Arm width
Arm width:
23 cm


3 1 1 Electric Recliner Sofa Set inc. Cinema Seats in Grey Leather. 3 Piece Cinema Sofa Set with LED Light & Cooling Cup Holders - Venice Series Two
Technical Specifications

3 1 1 Electric Recliner Sofa Set inc. Cinema Seats in Grey Leather. 3 Piece Cinema Sofa Set with LED Light & Cooling Cup Holders - Venice Series Two

Our Electric Recliner sofa and 2 chairs sets let you relax in comfort. You can adjust the reclining position to your liking, and there are USB ports to charge your devices. There are also cup holders to keep your drinks cold.

The Sofa Shop proudly stands at the helm of the technological revolution in sofas. With unwavering dedication, we've spent the past several years meticulously crafting futuristic couches that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology.

But don't let our technological prowess fool you into thinking that's all we have to offer. The Sofa Shop is firmly committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, which is partly achieved through our competitive pricing strategy. No online sofa retailer can match or surpass our remarkably low prices for such high-quality sofas.

Our electric reclining sofas have garnered widespread acclaim, but nothing quite compares to experiencing their unparalleled comfort firsthand. Our cinema-style couches boast state-of-the-art features that will redefine your relaxation experience in front of the TV, enriching your daily life with an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience.

Indulge in the epitome of relaxation with this exquisite 3-1-1 grey leather electric reclining sofa set, featuring built-in USB charging outlets, cup holders, and a plethora of additional amenities.

Encapsulate your guests in awe as they sink into the sumptuous padding and discover the effortless reclining mechanism, all activated with a simple touch.

This luxurious premium aire leather electric reclining couch set elevates comfort to an unprecedented level, offering ten cup holders, ten USB charging ports, and ambient LED lighting beneath the chairs.

The breathable leather aire fabric, with its microscopic pores, ensures you remain cool and comfortable even on the warmest days. Maintaining pristine cleanliness is a breeze, as spills can be effortlessly wiped away with a baby wipe.

After a gruelling day, there's no greater solace than retreating to the embrace of a reclining sofa. Due to high demand, securing a stock of these exceptional sofas proves challenging.

Explore our comprehensive collection if this particular model is unavailable or if you seek additional features like massage. Our diverse range of electric couches undoubtedly holds the perfect match for your preferences.

What comes with this 3 1 1 electric recliner sofa set in grey leather?

  • Comfy and cosy grey durable air leather

  • Six USB Chargers

  • Cooling cupholders

  • 6 x storage boxes

  • All our sofas are UKFR certificated

  • Removable tray table For your snacks and Laptop

  • Electric reclining mechanism

  • Reinforced wooden frame and spring coils

Which room is better to use this Cinema Sofa Set in?

With its cinematic aesthetic, this leather reclining couch set is perfect for any room in your home. Whether you want to relax in the living room, dine in the dining room, or simply unwind in the conservatory, this versatile set will fit seamlessly into your space.

The upholstery in chic, modern grey will complement a wide range of interior design schemes, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

These pieces are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. With their reclining mechanism and ample seating, you can relax in style, no matter where you choose to place them.

Is there another place where you can purchase this cinema sofa set in gray leather?

Due to our strong relationship with the manufacturer, we've secured a limited supply of these highly sought-after reclining couches with drink holders, and you'll find it challenging to find them anywhere else in the UK, especially at our competitive price.

We're so confident in our pricing that if you find these couches for a lower price within the first 30 days of your purchase, we'll refund the difference plus give you an additional £50.

What functionalities come with these electric reclining sofas?

The Venice Series Two electric recliner sofa set is designed to meet the needs and preferences of every customer, featuring plush upholstery, integrated USB charging ports,cup holders, ample storage space, and more.

Further details regarding the warranties applicable to these products will be discussed later in this article.

Is it practical to use the three-piece sofa set for working from home?

The versatile grey leather Venice Series Two sofa set seamlessly adapts to various settings, catering to a wide range of individuals and needs. Whether you're an avid gamer or a dedicated remote worker, this sofa set provides the perfect backdrop for your endeavours.

Beyond its functional aspects, the sofa set offers convenient charging options, allowing you to power up your devices while crafting that article or joining that video conference.

The spacious storage box accommodates all your pens and office supplies, transforming this sofa into a productive workspace.

Would this 3+1+1 sofa set be suitable for gaming?

This sofa set is a gamer's paradise, providing hours of comfortable gameplay enhanced by USB charging ports, and a fully reclining mechanism. For gamers who spend countless hours immersing themselves in their virtual worlds, this sofa set is an undeniable game-changer.

Is there a policy for price matching on this recliner sofa set?

We are confident in our pricing and committed to providing exceptional value to our customers. If you find a better deal, simply bring it to our attention, and we'll gladly reimburse the difference, along with our special £50 bonus.

What factors contribute to our sofas being priced more competitively than those of other sofa sellers?

Our close relationship with the manufacturing facility that produces these sofas allows us to offer them at prices that are significantly lower than those of our competitors.

By cutting out the middleman, we are able to save money on the cost of the sofas and pass those savings on to our customers.

Why should you buy this grey leather sofa set from The Sofa Shop?

The Sofa Shop is committed to staying at the forefront of reclining sofa technology, continuously striving to innovate and improve our products.

Our sofas are meticulously crafted with durability and longevity in mind, backed by a comprehensive 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Does this three-piece suite provide a comfortable seating experience?

This exceptional sofa set redefines comfort, providing unparalleled support and relaxation for extended periods of sitting.

Whether you're immersed in an enthralling movie marathon or engrossed in a captivating video game session, this sofa will keep you comfortably at ease, preventing stiffness and discomfort.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this sofa set is the ultimate choice for those who prioritize unwavering comfort and lasting enjoyment.

Are the USB ports on the recliner three-piece suite designed to facilitate the charging of my phone and other devices?

Leverage the USB charger to power up your smartphone, wristwatch, or other wearable gadgets like Fitbit.

Is the grey leather used in this sofa set genuine leather?

While genuine leather once held the pinnacle of popularity, the growing demand for sustainable options has shifted consumer preferences. This sofa's premium grey synthetic leather offers a compelling alternative, boasting exceptional durability, extended lifespan, and effortless cleaning. Moreover, its price point stands as a significant advantage over genuine leather.

Is it possible for me to see and test the power recliner sofa set?

Discover our extensive range of couches by visiting our showroom in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Our knowledgeable sales team will gladly guide you through our collection and provide expert assistance. If an in-person visit is not convenient, we can arrange a virtual tour via video chat, allowing you to closely examine the couches and ask any questions.

What is the estimated delivery time for the 3-piece suite sofa?

The delivery to the UK mainland is scheduled within the next 3–5 working days.

Is it possible to cancel my order for the 3+1+1 sofa sets?

For customized Venice Series Two orders, cancellations are not possible once the production process has begun. However, for non-customized orders, cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours before the scheduled delivery date.

Is there a possibility to return the power recliner sofa?

In the event of receiving a defective sofa, we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction, whether through a full refund, a replacement, or repair.

For unused items still in their original packaging, returns are accepted within 3-5 days of delivery.

Please note that cancellation-related refunds will incur a £100 processing fee.

Does the leather recliner sofa set come with a warranty?

The 12-month warranty covers any manufacturing defects or material flaws in your sofa set. However, it does not extend to normal wear and tear.

For added peace of mind, the sofa frame is backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

What payment methods are accepted for purchasing the reclining grey leather sofa set?

Our couches are priced to be accessible to everyone, and we offer payment options that can accommodate your budget.

Is it possible to purchase extended insurance coverage for the leather reclining sofa set?

We highly recommend adding your sofa to your homeowner's insurance policy to ensure it is protected against unforeseen events. If you are interested in working with an independent insurance agency, we can gladly provide you with contact information.

Own the Venice Series Two 3 1 1 Grey Leather Electric Recliner Sofa Set with USB Ports, Cup Holders, & Storage Boxes. Enjoy free delivery within the next 5 working days.

Act now while stocks last! These incredible sofas are flying off the shelves.

Fabric Type: Aire Leather
Fabric Composition: Urethane Resin
Fabric Quality: 420gsm / 1.5mm
Fabric Grammage: 420gsm
Fabric Durability Resistance: Anti-Abrasion 15,000 times
Leather Durability Resistance: Martindale Test 100,000 times
Fabric Backing Type: Single Side Flannelette
Fabric Backing Quality: 180gsm for Leather
Reclining Mechanism Brand: AODE
Reclining Mechanism Materiel: Steel
Primary Wood & Frame: Pine Wood
Secondary Wood & Frame: Plywood
Frame & Seat Retailer’s Recommended Weight Capacity: 110kg per 1 seat
Frame Joining Method: Staple & Glue
Primary Spring Type: S-spring
Primary Spring Thickness: 4mm
Primary Spring Material: Steel
Seating Type: Coil Springs +Foam
Number Of Coil Springs bpery Seat: 49
Coil Spring Thickness: 1.8mm
Coil Spring Material: steel
Seating Foam Type: High Density Foam
Seating Foam Thickness: 30mm
Seating Foam Density: 30kg/m²
Seating Foam Hardness: 50
Backrest Filling Material: Polyester Fibres
Filling Material Quality: 15D Original Polyester Fibres
Scratch Resistant: No
Stain Resistant: No
Fire Resistant: Yes
Fire Resistant Standard: UKFR
Electric Safety Standard Compliance: Yes
Electric Safety Standard: CE
USB Power: 5V 2A
Power Cup Holder: Yes
Power Cable Input: AC100 240V 50 / 60HZ
Motor Input Voltage: 24V 29V DC

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    The customer service was absolutely fantastic. They were so patient and helpful with all my questions, no matter how small or silly.

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