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Corner Sofa and Chair

Corner sofa and chairs

Welcome to the Sofa Shop, where you'll find the largest selection of modern, stylish corner sofas with chairs.

In any case, your living space will seem elegant and put together with one of these pieces. Discover the ideal complement to your house by browsing our selection.

Corner sofas come in all sizes. From compact corner sofas and chaises to more oversized statement corner sofas, also known as modular sofas, they are perfect for the family or entertaining.

Get comfy at a cosy price.

When space is at a premium, or when you want to create a separation between the dining room and the living room, a corner couch and chair are a way to go.

Corner couches may recline, serve as sofa beds, and even ottoman substitutes; they come in a wide range of sizes (though seldom less than a 3-seater). When you need more seating or floor space but don't have much of either, a chaise longue is a great option.

Right-hand facing (RHF) and left-hand facing (LHF) sectionals may be distinguished by the location of the chaise (LHF). Right-hand-facing (RHF) corner sofas have a suitable chaise lounge and a right armrest. The chaise on LHF sectionals is often located on the left side. This will affect the placement of the corner couch and the rest of the room's furnishings and decorations.

Since the footprint of a corner couch is larger than that of a regular sofa, you may need to rearrange your interior design to make a place for it.

Measure the area where the corner couch will go.

Take accurate measurements of the space, including the height, breadth, and depth, and mark the spot where the couch will go. If you want to put your couch near a window, you should consider the height of the sill. 

Get accurate dimensions of the passageways and doorways the couch will need to pass through.

You won't find a better collection of corner sofa and chair sets than the one we have here. We have been labelled "disruptors" in the sofa industry due to the revolutionary new technology we have introduced.

Meet your perfect corner sofa and chair! 

Many corner sofas and chairs come in a reclining style. They can offer a range of high-tech features that will complement your relaxation. 

Other sofas and chairs are in the traditional style and bring elegance, glamour and comfort to any room. 

Make the most of your downtime by using today's comforts and technology to improve the quality of your evenings.

As low as 0% APR financing.

About Us and Why Buy Corner Sofas and Chairs from Us

Getting enough rest in the evenings is essential, in our opinion, if you want to succeed in all your endeavours. We've devoted much time and energy to figuring out what kind of sofa promotes empathy, self-reflection, and tolerance.

We started with an incredibly comfy sofa and built-in everything you might want from a place to kick back and relax. Finally, we delivered it to the consumers after carefully packaging it.

The result was quite exciting. Our customers were so happy. It was a massive success! 

We've raised the bar for how cosy a corner sofa and chair can be, and we constantly consider customer input when designing our next-generation models.

We're as passionate about customer service as we are our products!

Since we work directly with the manufacturer, we have input on developing and improving our sofas, allowing us to maintain competitive pricing.

Customers' faces light up when they see our selection of leather sofa sets and all our corner sofas and matching chairs in various finishes. We never get accustomed to the sound of our customers' joy as they welcome the delivery of their new couches and tear open the packaging.

Check out the hundreds of positive ratings we've received on TrustPilot to find out more.

Get the sofa you've always dreamed of! 

About Corner Sofa and Chairs

Imagine you and your loved ones are sitting in front of a huge screen, enjoying the newest blockbuster. Nothing beats the family sitting together on a corner sofa and matching chair with a bucket of popcorn and a big Coke for a movie night.

To give you a sense of the diversity and level of luxury included with some of our corner sofas and chairs, we have created a list of all the available alternatives. 

None of these needs to be used in a dedicated cinema room at home. These are useful in every home or apartment, including the kitchen.

Corner sofa and chair options 

You can choose from the following:

  • Finished in black imitation leather
  • Grey corner sofa and chair set
  • Cup holders
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • USB charges
  • Reclining function
  • Storage in the arms
  • Reading light
  • Drop down consoles

Corner sofa and chair sets have never been so appealing, and now we’ve added a few cutting edge features. 

Get the corner sofa and chair you've always dreamed of! 

Our Price and Product Guarantees

Since we are dedicated to consistently delivering first-rate service, we confidently stand by both our rates and the high quality of our items.

If you discover one of our sofas being sold by another vendor for less than what we're asking, not only will we refund the price difference, but we'll also pay you an additional £50. The Sofa Shop will always look out for your best interests. 

There is a 30 day return policy, and the guarantee lasts for an entire year.

Sofa Assembly Service

We promise that assembling one of our couches won't be a chore. If you're interested, we provide this service starting from £29.99.

The strength of the structure determines the level of comfort offered by these corner sofa and chair sets. Traditional sofas of yesteryear were often held together with glue and wood scraps, but these modern sofas feature sturdy timber frames and sometimes even metal ones.

Sofa Delivery Service

For only £150, we'll have this delivered to your door the following day if you happen to be located in Yorkshire. Otherwise, We'll ship your order lightning-fast anywhere across the UK in 5 to 10 days!

Before placing an order, please measure the width of your entrance to guarantee the couch will fit.

Get the corner sofa and chair you've always dreamed of!

See our Corner Sofas and Chairs in our Showroom

Come to our 5,000-square-foot showroom in Dewsbury and sit on every couch we sell. If you're considering purchasing one of our sofas but live too far away to make the trip to Yorkshire, we'd be happy to set up a video conference so you can see it and ask any questions you may have.

Stock Levels of Our Corner Sofas and Chairs

We try to maintain all models in stock, however, if a new design is introduced, there may be a delay in shipment while we manufacture the first batch of couches to fulfil demand.

Get the sofa you've always dreamed of!

Time to order

Go ahead and buy one of our corner sofas and chairs now that you have all the information you need about them. You can ask us about anything, whether it’s about our products, services or the payment plans we offer through DivideBuy. Our assistance is guaranteed at all times.

Order your corner sofa and chair now. EXPRESS delivery on everything.